a short movie which is partly made by the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik also exhaustively references the Knights Templar, which he calls Breivik put on the front page of his “ A European Declaration of. Used this link because you cannot watch it on YouTube without an account – not sure if everyone has one. Knights Templar

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Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism Israeli nationalism as they are to us.

At that time, he was identified as a neo-Nazi. He acknowledged having carried out the attacks, but claiming that he was acting out of necessity, he pleaded not guilty to domestic terrorism charges and is sentenced to 21 years, but because of Norway’s prison system, will likely spend the rest of his life imprisoned.

In 283 eerie parallel, he also calls for suicidal operations in service knihhts the larger cause: In an interview Ray also claims that he thinks Breivik was a lone wolf and was just creating this mythology around him to make it look like he is part of something much bigger Armstrong, Apart knihgts these needs, the opportunity to find so many sources that rely on the similar or the same ideology probably gave Breivik a sense of connection and recognition. Anders Behring Breivik appears insane, says his lawyer.

Anders Behring Breivik – RationalWiki

If not, they are criminally negligent, if so they are traitors. I suspect they were just the usual idiot, rich, spoiled, lib mins.

He went after the Norwegian political class for the same reason that anti-Semites scream about the Jews: The media is comparing Breivik to Timothy McVeigh.

knihts They killed fellow citizens before they even killed one person in the middle east. Monday 31 December Breivik’s lawyer stated “He Breivik says he is a national socialist Breivik used Templar imagery in his European Declaration of Independence.

The document lists National Socialism as one of the ” 4 hate-ideologies ,” the other three being Islam, Communism and multiculturalism.

I think it is safe to say we live in interesting times. Public schools were generally excellent, and their problems were things like talking in class and running in the halls. Jump to facebook comments. They want control over their own countries in the Middle East and we want control of our own countries in Western Europe.


It is the same problem, but there are many differences; with Muslims playing the role of African-Americans and Hispanics. We build our activity on Christian and humanistic values and want our members to contribute to the promotion of charity, peace and goodness among all people.

‘Breivik manifesto’ details chilling attack preparation – BBC News

Option 2 Something along the lines of…. There was never a vote on debasing our currency or the Wall Street bailout. Before the attacks, he had compiled I suspect he killed the innocent youngsters to get even with their labour parents. Politicians will be having extreme nightmares from now on. It all comes down to where you are standing. To us, this seems to be the main attraction for Breivik and the cause of idolization of these men in white and red. These include detonating a car bomb in Oslo, which killed eight, and perpetrating the massacre of 69 adolescents at a summer youth camp organised by the Norwegian Labour Party.

What did the Oslo killer want?

Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? Name one Nationalist party in western europe that is anti Islam. As is true of many with such convictions, he is convinced Muslim immigration to Europe poses an existential threat.

Most suggestive of all, perhaps, is the detailed diary the author kept of his day attempt to secretly build a fertilizer bomb while hiding out at a farm purchased explicitly for that purpose — chronicling his attempts to construct a device that would kill as many people as possible. So as we can see, time and time again, the Knights Templar served as a source of inspiration for certain individuals and groups Wollenberg,p. Lone wolves are particularly hard to identify before they strike, because they lack a visible community and this is the reason why they pose a major, public security threat.

We are usually our very own worst enemies, as a Race. When he discovered the historical models e. Now that this is in the public sphere, the issue should be did the regime consider these historical precedents that he learned of in his research before embarking on their policy? The modern version of the sans culottes has arrived with Fjordman playing the role of Voltaire.


Breivik denounces ” cultural Marxism ,” which he equates with cultural relativism and multiculturalism. This makes us Christian. He has also been allowed to complete university courses online. Muslims specialize in all sorts of cruelties! Views Read Edit Fossil record. The former Labour adviser said the Government opened up UK borders partly to humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration. To conclude, from a legal viewpoint Breivik was alone when he killed all those people in Norway inbecause there were no other people involved in this attack in the traditional way.

Part of his complaint is not having access to the most up-to-date video games. They let Jews do it, instead. Sure, if you look at America or South Africa, you will find that Jews played a big role in the anti-apartheid movement and the Civil Rights Movement, but if you look closer you will see that thousands of Unitarians marched with Martin Luther King in Selma the whole Unitarian national convention went thereas did the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church with authority over North America, and much of the Catholic clergy as well.

Apart from these theories and historical fabrications, there also has been a number of people who tried to revitalize the order. The ideology that has taken over Western Europe goes most commonly by the name of ‘Political Correctness. As far as the Jews, if they can help so be it. In grim, apocalyptic language, it advocates attacks on “traitors” across Europe who are supposedly enabling a Muslim takeover of the continent. When thousands of alive White human fetus are slaughtered, how many tears are shed?

There was never a vote on the Islamization of Europe. The 21st century Knight Templar Let us now try and see if we can find out why the Knights Templar have been and still are so attractive to certain people and, in particular, to Anders Behring Breivik.