Here is one of the first novels written by Kinoko Nasu. It was, as stated in the thread tittle, translated to english by Evospace. There was a. Note: Commonly referred to as Angel Notes. by writer and co founder of the company Type-Moon, Kinoko Nasu, Notes is the foundation of the shared universe. Kinoko Nasu is a Japanese author, best known for writing the light novel Kara no Kyōkai and works are the novels Kara no Kyōkai, originally released in and re-printed in , Angel Notes, Mahōtsukai no Yoru and Kōri no Hana.

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Takuechi Takashi’s Pre-TYPE-MOON Doujinshi – Keripo’s Corner

The Hortensia Church Discussio Ntes, Kara no Kyoukai, an Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Since our dear unofficial tsukihime thread was a success i wanted to Keep the thread of going or at least make a General Type-Moon thread for other works aside from Fate.

The other misc thread seems to be more so geared towards just general non-TM and the general chat kinojo well This will surely stop me from posting such things in that other thread: Should I Canaan or not? I want to because TM but I’ve heard it’s meh.

Who wants an Angel Notes anime? And would you rather Nasu work on it first or focus on Tsuki remake? Too much salt residue around. It’s basically the last human love story.


There’s even official music on it. Slash Emperor turned out to be Excalibur. An already beastly track made even more beastly. Blood Heat from Melty Blood.

Gaia saw humanity as a threat so nassu creates excalibur and gives it to seiba to defeat it’s planetary threat? Nobody here will probably give any notice until summer but can’t wait for Silver Link to animate red dragon.

That story hasn’t been fully translated so I’m optimistic it’ll be fun and entertaining. Can’t wait to see swallow cratsvalley, a dark dragon night cursed with hands that break anything he uses at a price of being multiple times jotes, and his weapon caddy meryll who’s like if you mix ciel, kohaku, and hisui into one package.

Does that show have a MAL entry? I can’t find it.

Silverlink makes visually appealing, cinematographic and choreographically brilliant adaptations and shows. Minor spoiler Examples of their visual cinematography choices and designs: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Kinoko Nasu

Good lesbians, much recommend. Would love to get more Notes from nasu. As long as it is not by ufotable and does notcontain seiba, sure. Insertanamehere something here Offline Joined: It’s not a Typemoon work, but one of the characters Swallow Cratsvalley and meido sidekick Meryll were conceived by Nasu; the former being roleplayed by the mushroom himself.

I’m looking forward to the anime coming up in Summer, along with some Prillya goodness. I noted this is a set-up for beings more powerful than Types to appear in later works.


Angel Voice

Those would probably outright kill Gaia, hence Excalibur power-up. But considering the attacks spammed at the top of the powerlevel rank are dimensional travel, stable reality marbles and dropping the moon IT is just soseibacan stand anngel the top tiers who otherwise would oneshot her.

As much as I’d want one, Angel Notes simply has too little material for an anime, unless they decide to greatly expand upon it with original material. A movie would suit it anngel.

Angel Notes – Kinoko Nasu – Works | Archive of Our Own

BBCode Consider grovelling at my feet? Aslong as source material is good, they will make it better. Why am I crying? You know, once upon a time, we said ufotable will make everything better. I honestly don’t think ufo’s to blame for this entire fiasco. From ufo’s track record and the horrid KnK6 experience, shouldn’t we shove the blame onto the dude who told them what to animate?

S As if Ufo would let such a nsau man go.