Damian Conway is a computer scientist, a member of the Perl community and the author of Object Oriented Perl: A Comprehensive Guide to Concepts and. I am evaluating “Object Oriented Perl” by Damian Conway and Damien’s book teaches the primary methods used prior to Moose and Moo. Programmers who already have basic to intermediate skills in procedural Perl and understand fundamental concepts of object orientation will get a solid.

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Review: Object-Oriented Perl

Morag Smith rated it it was amazing Aug 30, Harry Bakken rated it liked it Jun 10, Damian’s book, while somewhat obsolete in terms of the technology used, says much more about object orientation in general, its principles and why. I think that the cover is ugly, and I worry about the durability of the binding.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The following chapters are about inheritance, polymorphism, and how to construct classes automatically. Want to Read saving…. These books will teach you how to implement object oriented programming in Perl, but learning the principles of object oriented programming is sort of another step in the process. Graphics Programming with Perl. Andrew Main rated it really liked it Sep 29, How to use wxHtmlEasyPrinting. This biography of conawy living person needs additional citations for verification.

Object Oriented Perl – Damian Conway – Google Books

A Roman numerals class. Jun 28, Tim Lee rated it liked it Shelves: Burke chromatic Adam Kennedy brian d foy Jesse Vincent. There is no single canonical way to use OOP and no book covering all design principles at least for Perl.


In the end, it’s a very useful book for those who are tied to perl, but I’ve since moved to ruby for objected oriented designs so the book became less useful to me.

Object-Oriented Perl

You can pick up this book for five minutes and come away knowing something useful; you can also study it for ten hours and learn something even more useful. Books by Damian Conway. It is very difficult to write a book like this. How do I go from procedural to object oriented programming? First few chapters were a good review of the perl and even after coding in perl for awhile I picked up a few useful tips.

Blessing arrays and scalars.

Which is oriente book to start learning Object Oriented Perl? How to use wxHtmlEasyPrinting [reply] Re: Jan rated it really liked it Oct 12, The creation and destruction of objects.

For example, Conway isn’t afraid to use C to construct code on demand, or to use a glob assignment to install a new method into a package. Android in Action, Third Edition. For experts, I guarantee that Conway will find something to say that you hadn’t seen before. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is that good! Comment on Which is best book to start learning Object Oriented Perl? Knowing at least some of those daamian, you won’t then be scared or disoriented when reading Moose’s manual about refs or blessing, or packages.

Scott rated it objecf liked it Dec 23, FWIWConway ‘s book was a pro-Perl revelation for me and it will open your eyes to possibilities, not just frameworks, even though little of what it presents will be of direct use today. Archived from the original on 26 May Damian Conway giving a talk in Lausanne on 17 August Gregg Martinson rated it really liked it Jun 29, Then bring back those principles to your Perl programming. A jacketing tie required. An expert can also pick up the book consay learn something new for the same reasons.


When so few authors have a grasp on something as simple as a sentence, it’s really rare to find a book conday is intelligently divided up into sections or chapters, and one forgets how valuable such an organization can be. Andy rated it it was amazing Sep 24, Polymorphic methods for the Lexer class.

Later chapters that delved into various cpan packages became less useful to me. If you are interested in learning where to buy this book in a language other than English, please dwmian at your local bookseller.

Replies are listed ‘Best First’. And a fantastic guide to object oriented Perl. That book is so good, that even if you’re a beginner in Perl and don’t know what a reference is, it is a self-contained manual on the subject, and by the second chapter will teach you all the concepts and language features necessary to start building Perl classes and more!

I’d say get both and challenge us here on a regular basis about new aspects. It’s usually hard to understand ideas as big as these. Naomi Ceder Foreword by Nicholas Tollervey. ovject