2In , historian Christopher Clark published a monumental work on the origins of World War I in Europe. The catchy title The Sleepwalkers – How Europe. Okt. Geschichte Christopher Clark Die Europäer zogen nicht nach einem festen Plan, sondern wie Schlafwandler oder Spieler in den Ersten. Sir Christopher Munro Clark, FBA (born 14 March ) is an Australian historian working in . Europas: Christopher Clark hat eine Studie über den Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkriegs verfasst: “Die Schlafwandler” ist das Buch des Jahres.

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Clark depicts the inherent political instability within the Balkan sphere which had been a reason for international confrontations for decades. Juni in Sarajevo erschossen hat. What is the role of the historian in constructing and contesting master narratives and collective identities?


The question of guilt is closely connected to German self-awareness and identity construction. Retrieved 24 June In 17 chapters covering pages, Clark contends that Germany was “not the fulfillment of Prussia’s destiny but its downfall”. Und dann kommen Sie in dieses strukturelle Denken hinein und sagen, wir finden gewisse Strukturen vor.

For other uses, see Christopher Clark disambiguation and Chris Clark disambiguation. In the European crisis we encounter today, many of those counterforces are identifiable, and the inter-relationships between the European players are again oscillating between interdependency and competing national interests.

Cambridge University Press, and the author scglafwandler numerous articles and essays. Certain aspects of national identity were constructed as a reaction to this question.

Also, es gibt da By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Entire volumes of official records had been produced by officials, chrishopher and key decision makers even before the war was ended and the treaty of Versailles signed. Sondern ich wollte nur den anderen Staaten sozusagen ihren Anteil auch geben.


Interview mit Christopher Clark – “Dieser Krieg hat das ganze Jahrhundert entstellt” (Archiv)

Ja, das Interessante an dem Attentat von Sarajewo ist, das ja so oft bagatellisiert wurde in der Geschichtsschreibung. Longman, series “Profiles in Power”Clark aims to offer correctives to many of the traditional positions presented in J. Was um Gottes Willen hat Sie an diesem Thema noch gereizt? Retrieved 24 December Volker Ullrich contended that Clark’s analysis largely disregards the pressure for war coming from Germany’s powerful military establishment. That is in itself a very postmodern endeavor, though something which Clark is unaware of or does not consider it important enough to elaborate on.

As a consequence, Putin intervened and forcibly annexed the Crimea. Christopher Clark, The Sleepwalkers. Bei dieser Problematik ist das unabdingbar. However, Clark touches upon the role of the historian only in passing.

Among international experts many saw this presentation by Clark of his research and insights as groundbreaking. All these dates mark schlafwandlre in public memory of contemporary Europe, and strongly affected the global power structure.

Winners of the Wolfson History Prize. Cambridge Regius Professor of History —present. Catharine’s College in Cambridge. A commentary from the author on the disruptive, yet constructive potential of his work, remains absent.

It was characterized through mutual distrust and an ambiguity in behavior that could only lead to uncertainty at best. Ohne diesen Krieg kann man sich den Aufstieg des Faschismus in Italien kaum vorstellen, man kann sich die Oktoberrevolution nicht vorstellen. Und so ist, glaube ich, Europa-intern diese Gefahr gebannt.


Retrieved 26 June Nevertheless, Christopher Clark is a master of his sources, balances and counterbalances them marvelously, concerned with representing scenes and episodes in an almost artistic manner.

Christopher Clark – Wikipedia

His Cambridge University professorship in history followed in The London Gazette Supplement. Whilst one may share or deny some of the issues that people may have with the European union, one aspect remains striking: Retrieved 12 June Der regierende Kaiser war sehr alt, man wusste, bald ist dieser Mann an der Macht.

Und es hat sich um diesen Krieg in Australien eine gewaltige Erinnerungskultur aufgebaut, vor allem in der Zwischenkriegszeit und dann wieder nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. It is these key representatives, their roles and their position within the ephemeral, but rather obscure power structure clar their respective countries that Clark carefully revisits.

Furthermore, he sheds a light on the political tensions which arose within the surrounding states. Ziehen Sie bewusst diese Analogien? A schlafwaneler of his role, that of the historian, as an architect of history in the making seems utterly absent. In he was knighted for his services to Anglo-German relations.

The book reassembles a more nuanced picture of how one decision affected the other. Retrieved 30 November