Why is Chandi-Path/Devi Mahatyam/Durga Daptasati done? Durga Saptashati also called as Chandi Parayanam is to improve the energy level in the. Devi Mahatmyam (Durga Saptashati or Chandi Path) is a At Chennai many Mahila Mandali complete the entire Parayanam of. Mahasankalpam, Guru Paduka Puja, Sri Rudraabhishekam, Devi Mahatmyam Parayanam (Durga Saptashati /Chandi Paath), Sri Chakra.

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As per the prescribed methods in ancient scriptures, Devi Mahatmya should be read in one sitting.

Devi Mahatmyam Reading Procedure – Sage of Kanchi

The three-eyed goddess was adorned with the crescent moon. Schedule Fri, Aug 11 4PM: The reading procedure of Devi Saptashati is given here in detail version. Chandi is one of the most popular folk deities in Bengaland a number of poems and literary compositions in Bengali called Chandi Mangala Kavyas paraynam written from 13th century to early 19th century. These had the effect of merging the local folk and tribal goddesses with mainstream Hinduism.

It is the most common epithet used for the Goddess. Thai Pongal January 14, 8: Sponsors will also receive yajna raksha. My question is whether detailed puja before reading is necessary or we can just go with reading as per your procedure. Sponsors will also receive yajna raksha and a gold-plated coin energized during the Sata Chandi.

During Navaratri this year Sep 20 — Oct 1the Sri Vidya Temple wil l conduct the most powerful and auspicious Sahasra Chandiin which up to Ritwiks will complete a total of repetitions of Sri Devi Mahatmyam throughout the Navaratri Mahotsavam.


Evening Parayanaam December 31 7: I would like to know how many years of chant would be required to see the benefits. She slays evil doers without mercy. The order of reciting Durga Saptashati Parayana daily is: For those who would like to sponsor this divine event and receive blessed prasadam, several sponsorship and participation opportunities are available.

Thanks for the wonderful information. One obtains all Siddhis and obtains Tadatmya with Sridevi by reciting it one hundred times. I am posting in this Sidha Kunjika Sthothram with meaning br P.

In Shivyog shivanandbaba has given big mantra in place of Durga shaptshati verses. I have been advised to recite one chapter of durga Saptasati each day preceeding with the Devikavachh…is that okay by all means? Prayanam can also complete the recital on 9th day by chanting Devi Aparadha Kshama Prarthana Stotram on 9th day itself.

The other method for Purashcharana is to start the Japa from the Agni Tithi Pratipat of Ashwayuja and chant 9 lakhs of the mantra till Ashtami. While Kali drank Raktabija’s blood, which created new demons from his own blood on falling on the ground; Chandi would destroy the armies of demons created from his blood and finally killed Raktabija himself.

Each of these is considered as an independent mantra by repeating which one attains profound benefits. Sponsors will have the chance to offer one ahuti of auspicious items into the paaryanam fire with their own hands and will receive yajna raksha.


Kumari Puja, Suvasini Puja also form a part of the ritual.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The word Chandi also refers to the fiery power of anger of the Brahman. A Meditation Upon the Devi”.

Please help improve this article by adding references to reliable secondary sourceswith multiple points of view. There is no Devi homam more powerful than Sahasra Chandi, and no time more auspicious than Saran Navaratri to perform it. Sponsorship Opportunities For those who would like to sponsor this divine event and receive blessed prasadam, several sponsorship and participation opportunities are available.

As per the Sutra – ‘kalu chaNDI vinaayakau’, by chanting Chamdi with devotion, after having obtained initiation from the Guru and having learnt the proper Parayana Krama, a Sadhaka chandk the four Purusharthas.

Seems very important to chant. Varahi Tantra is the Pramana for this statement. It is permissible to learn the Stotra by heart and recite the same with folded hands, without using a paraayanam.

Devi Mahatmyam Reading Procedure

For the film, see Chandee. She has a complexion of coral and is seated on a lotus. In addition, the mantra prescribed for this is what is known as Navakshari, the nine lettered mantra that has its basis in the Atharva Shirsha Upanishad, known as the Devi Upanishad.