Haber Yazmak – Prof. Dr Atilla Girgin, Dr. Seçil Özay at – YURTTAŞ GAZETECİLİĞİ Karşılaşılan her yeni şey, haberdir. Gerçek olan bir şeyin özetidir. HABER YAZMA İNCELİKLERİ NİHAN BORA. Haber Yazmak (3) Atilla Girgin. Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin · Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin · Mobile Importance. Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin.

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Course Information

I had drawn conclusions from the sample I used there through quantitative analysis method. Choose An Academic Unit This property, which used to be a cult in conventional television broadcasting is now in the hands of everyone thanks to the Periscope, which is a mobile application allowing live streaming very simply. But he immediately blocks the senders of messages containing hate, violence, or insults. Click here to sign up.

Knows the works of radio tv and cinema applications. In fact, even his user name, meant nothing: How is Ankara attack being interpreted in Washington? If we look at it more generally, what yazmaak the new approaches that have emerged in the components of yazmsk — due to the process of technology?

Moreover, in this broadcast, the citizen did not only display what was happening but also helped the audience to better grip the event by performing live stand-up. In addition, also the following records have been kept for qualitative and discourse analysis: Twitter changed the name of Periscope to keep the availability of its application while announcing that it would continue to seek its rights.


Use your ethical judgment when deciding what to stream. Feb 16 – March 17, Digital technology enables everybody to express their feelings and thoughts via radio broadcasting. Positioning of journalism as a profession differs from some other established professions, and this is a feature that holds the doors open to the citizen journalists.

It was a broadcast about Cerattepe. In the first of these broadcasts from his office, he comments on an issue that he chose, by involving his journalistic experience as a commentator, and in the second broadcast, he reads the front pages of newspapers and comments on the mainstream media’s way of handling the agenda in a critical attitude.

Nil KARAİBRAHİMGİL – Tüm Köşe Yazıları – Sayfa 1

Use information technology effectively. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission, in writing, from the publisher. Realize the creative products by using audio and visiual tools as radio,television,cinema and video. The substantial difference between the weights of different broadcast types in total duration of broadcasts Haner NO: Periscope, which is a mobile live streaming application, is one of them.

On one side they continue to gather while they say that they will walk no matter what happens.

NEU Grand Library | TRNC Library

The witness could tell very little, but ultimately a citizen tried to cover a breaking news by performing both live reporting and interview.


Have the skill of collective working in Radio Ailla Cinema. In this category, mainly the protests and demonstrations not sufficiently covered by the mainstream media have been broadcasted by citizen reporters on Periscope as they unfold. Evaluate the results of the mass communication instruments interaction with the society.

Reporters should describe not only the events but also the environment. The citizen journalist who delivered the live reporting was narrating what was going on one hand, and invited to share it on Twitter to make more people to watch the broadcast on the other hand. Week Editor evaluates student copies 6. Knows the applications of broadcast systems. Have at least one foreign language in order to communicate with their colleague and follow them.

Reuters Institute Fellowship Paper.

Whereas there were only followers of his Periscope account. Collect information about the social security and environment protection. However, it was not possible for the reporter to answer the questions such as “How many injured?

No walking Citizen Reporter: Students write 2nd round of 2nd story. Organize and manage gigin activities. Lev Manovich, University of California, U. Rethinking Journalism as a Profession.